On another occasion, a hotel waitress investigated the hotel mirror and saw a Victorian couple facing each other, as if in a wedding. The groom turned and made eye contact with the waitress and then the couple in the mirror faded away. The waitress that saw this couple quit shortly after.

The last is accessibility. This goes both ways. We want a hotel that is visible and is a go-to place. We do not want to go through small alleys or long stretch of highways from the airport. Location is very important for a hotel. The hotel should also be a point of connection to the city’s tourist spots or places of attraction. It should at least be in a part of the city where there are malls, restaurants, or shopping centers nearby. Another demand for a hotel today is the need for wireless access to the internet. Many hotels already offer wireless service, but for a fee. It would be great if it were free instead.

One of the most interesting hotels I have found is the Sala Silverline in Sala, Sweden; this hotel is 155 meters underground, and it is an amazing preserved mine with many fun things to see. Staying a night at this hotel will cost anywhere from 0- 0.

Meanwhile, Sunstone owns 43 other hotels totaling 14,755 rooms that are generally operated under nationally recognized brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Fairmont, and Starwood. However, given the circumstances, you would have to wonder how attached Busser is to any one of them.

There have been many reports of apparitions wearing Victorian ball attire dancing around the room in the wee hours of the morning, during a time when the room was closed and dark.