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Hayward, California’s most famous historical site is not a building, however. It is an earthquake fault, the Hayward fault. In 1868, Hayward, California was hit with a 7.0 earthquake that damaged every building in Hayward, which had 500 residents at the time. Thus, most of Hayward’s historical buildings were built after this time. The Hayward fault is over 50 miles long and runs from San Pablo Bay through Fremont. It ends at the Calaveras Fault on one end and the San Andreas Fault on the other. Geologists state it is the most dangerous fault in California because it has not erupted in 140 years. The Hayward fault is a creeping fault. Where the fault runs in Hayward, you can see movement in street cracks, curbs and sidewalks edges that don’t match anymore. The creep continues to this day.

Lyle mined in Spring Gulch, a water source a few steps from the hotel. He reportedly did very well. Lyle was known as a fastidious man with exemplary taste. He was also a reclusive man who became quite eccentric.

Paris has many four star hotels to select from. One of Paris’ finest hotels is the Le Meridren Etoile. This hotel is located on the right side of the riverbank looking over the Palais De Congres. The hotel has up to 1026 rooms that were all redecorated in 2001. The rooms offer you a warm and modern surrounding.

Now-a-days, there are lots of websites available which would help you to find suitable option according to your budget. You can choose the best cheap hotel around the globe without facing any problem. But before you select the best cheap hotel, there are some points you need to keep in your mind which would help you to enjoy your perfect holiday.

In spring 2012 a “mystery shopper” from the AA ate in the restaurant . The manager and staff only learned their true identity next morning. This led to the award of 3 star status for the lodging after the inspector had checked out the other rooms and facilities. With plenty of people attending local events this summer, the owners hope to attract more bookings. There are some big events this summer, the diamond jubilee, the Olympics, Knebworth concerts and many smaller celebrations so the White Hart is ready to welcome new visitors.

Early morning one hour boat ride at Phewa Lake and then visit the Temple situated in the middle of the lake. After breakfast take an excursion to Sarangkot. Drive back to Pokhara. Overnight at hotel.

Thirteen modern en-suite bedrooms are available at the inn and the converted stables . The value of recognition by the AA hotel guide has not been lost on the Lyon family who own and operate the hotel today . Whether it be individuals having a celebration or companies hosting a conference they can be sure that the accommodation has been scrutinised by an outside assessor .

On another occasion, a hotel waitress looked into the hotel mirror and saw a Victorian couple facing each other, as if in a wedding. The groom turned and made eye contact with the waitress and then the couple in the mirror faded away. The waitress that saw this couple quit shortly after.