With the summer heat moving in, one thing above all else will determine whether your guests enjoy their stay – air conditioning. There is nothing more disappointing to a guest than to check into a hotel room on a hot summer day expecting a nice cool place to relax, only to find that their room is just as hot as (or hotter than) the temperature outside. There is nothing more disappointing to hotel owners/managers than losing revenue on a busy night due to a room or rooms having to sit empty because the air conditioning is not functioning. Don’t let this happen to you or your guests. Make sure that every room has functioning air conditioning!

The region was home to Native Americans for several thousand years until the Gold Rush of 1848. The discovery of gold started an influx of miners, transforming the area into a rough and tumble community named Garrote. The town had a reputation for swift justice by hanging, thus the name Garrett. The rowdy boom town was home to dozens of bordellos and bars.