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Essential Information You Need to Have About Post Construction Cleaning

It tends to be the wish of every contractor to turn in the key to the client after repairs or construction when the project is at its best. Cleaning may not be considered as well done until post-construction cleaning has been done. Post construction cleaning tend to involve three critical phases which must be done. The cleaning may entail cleaning of the walls to ensure that there are no dirt, marks, and smudges. Post construction cleaning also tend to involve a thorough cleaning of the windows and frames. The cleaning may also include dusting, cleaning the ceiling, fans, heaters, lights, floor, and vacuum cleaning. Post construction cleaning may also involve cleaning all cabinets, appliances, shelves and also tend to involve proper disposal of debris and trash. The cleaning in question also tend to address the safety issues such as leaks, loose wires among other safety threats. You may need to read on to know of the three phases of post-construction cleaning.

The the first phase of post-construction cleaning may be referred to as the rough clean phase. The first cleaning phase tends to be done after major installations such as plumbing, framing and electric work have been done. It is in this phase that all debris and leftover materials are gotten rid of. It is after removal of all debris that sweeping is done. During this phase, visible stickers on the doors, cabinets, and windows can also be removed.

Light cleaning tends to be second and also tend to be very intense. This phase is not only intense but also tend to involve a lot of tools and equipment. This phase tend to focus on special rooms such as restrooms and kitchens. This the phase of post-construction cleaning also tend to see the sinks, toilets, cabinets and windows thoroughly cleaned. This phase demand hiring a professional who knows what it takes to remove all the dirt. The cleaning tends to focus on both the visible and the invisible aspects of the property. This phase tends to be very close to moving-in of client type of cleaning. It is a cleaning phase that focuses on thorough cleaning as opposed to visible cleanliness.

The third phase tends to be the final phase and tends to be referred to as touch up cleaning. This phase tends to take a shorter time and may only focus on cleaning smudges and fingerprints from earlier cleaning. Post construction cleaning can be time-consuming and very draining a reason most people tend to opt to go for professional post-construction cleaning services. In a case where the contractor does not find a professional to do the cleaning, most people try the DIY which is most cases lead to having imperfections long after the construction or repairs. Also, most people tend to get tired in the process of cleaning a building and end up cleaning only the visible areas leaving behind a lot of dirt or even debris.

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