Hiring Pole Barn Builders to Construct a Cabin on Rural Property

Men and women who have been searching for a lovely small vacation home in the woods may eventually despair of being able to afford one. They might consider buying some acreage and an RV instead, which would at least allow them a comfortable place to spend the weekends. Another possibility would be to hire Pole Barn Builders to construct a cabin on the acreage they buy. This is significantly more affordable than constructing a frame-built structure, and they will have a brand new weekend home to enjoy.

Size Examples

Pole buildings, also known as post-frame construction buildings, can be erected in a broad range of sizes. For a cabin, customers might choose a 20 x 30 floor plan for about 600 sq. ft. That might include one bedroom. The next-larger most common size would be 30 x 40, which would nearly double the square footage and allow for a second bedroom. Although people call some buildings larger than this “cabins,” that term technically is reserved for smaller structures.

In contrast, the property owners may be happy with an even smaller space since they plan to spend much of their time outside. An 18 x 24 model would run 432 sq. ft., a bit larger than the biggest RV available today. Even this smaller cabin can still have a bedroom, although this obviously cuts back on the main living space. Owners of these cabins can add to their living area with features like decks and screened-in porches.

Exterior Siding

Pole buildings commonly have metal siding since they are so often used for commercial purposes, but this is not required. The exterior can be designed to look very much like a rustic wood cabin that fits very well in a rural setting with plentiful trees.

Speedy Construction

After making this decision, people are eager to buy a piece of country land and get their post-frame cabin constructed. Another advantage aside from the lower price is the speed at which these buildings can be erected. For any of the three typical cabin sizes, the installation should take less than a week. Constructing a stick-built mid-sized cabin would normally take more than a month to complete.