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Tips on Choosing Preppy Clothing

The representation of fashion in a more diverse form includes the subculture of preppy clothing. Preppy clothing trend has been on the fashion scene of quite some time as it incorporates both men and women. Styles linked to preppy clothing are made of clothing items such as; Bermuda shorts, nautical blazers, Polo, khakis and printed shift dress. That funky feeling is brought about when individuals wear preppy clothing. Nautical blazers can be worn with long shirt dresses as well as high-waisted jeans keeping it cool and simple. The only way to get a minimalist out of their comfort zone, is to give them Polo as it indicates color.

It isn’t difficult to wear Polo as it can be matched with laced up sandals, structured cross-body bag and a pleated skirt in the case of ladies. Wearing printed shift dresses don’t require much working to make it stand out. Matching khakis with other clothing types blends cohesively as both bright and soft pastel colors can be used. Soft pastel colors include; sky blue, mint green and peach while bright colors such as orange, red, magenta work well with khaki. The description of khakis is basically a casual trouser that is made of pure cotton fabric. Based on the fabric used to make khakis and chinos, they are similar with the only difference being the mode of design.

Flexibility best describes khaki jeans making it more suitable as compared to denim jeans. To look preppy, individuals need first to select preppy clothing, accessorize in a preppy fashion and finally adopt the preppy lifestyle. The type of clothing chosen to be preppy should be a touch of simplicity. It only requires you to choose clothes that have solid colors and are somewhat conservative as it indicates simplicity. Picking the right color for your clothing is the second most important step when becoming preppy. A classic palate is all that describes well preppy clothing trend. A combination of class and simplicity is the perfect description of preppy clothing.

Selection of classic clothing include choosing; bright tunics, sweater staples, polo shirts, khaki, and navy suits. By choosing clothes with preppy patterns, means that you are beginning to adopt the preppy lifestyle. Some examples of preppy patterns include the following; tweed, gingham, paisley, and plaid. A complete outfit also involves shoes that need to be preppy.

Textile, thin sheets of materials and animal skin are some of the materials used to make clothes. Not only is the variety of clothing material dependent on the body type but also the social and geographical considerations. Clothes act as barriers against the protection of foreign elements like dust, wind, and insects. Injury is caused to the body by foreign materials such as; wind, insect, and dust. By wearing clothes, individuals experience comfortability in addition to protection.

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